Friday, September 26, 2014

Original Character: Adobe Illustrator

My original character from a book I'm writing (only eight chapters in and second draft). I did this in Adobe Illustrator, it has been years since I've used the program like this. I wanted to get a smoother line weight and comic book ink feel. It is going back into Photoshop for color.

Original character with snow flurries in the background. I wanted to write a story inspired by Jack Frost. I’ve always like Jack Frost and winter. So I created a character with powers of ice and snow just like Jack Frost…however, my character has more power than to just nip one’s nose. Created this concept with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Fan Art, Digital Art, Animation!

This is my process for turning traditional art to digital art. 

 My version of the Joker from Batman…work in progress. Sharpie drawn and going into Photoshop. Still not as scary as I imagined it. Fan art!

 My version of the Joker from Batman! Finished Photoshop version. It is not as scary as I envisioned the Joker to be…but it turned out pretty scary.

 I created this piece on paper using sharpie! Incubus artwork inspired on the top and my own style on the bottom. sharpies are so vibrant and love the colors. Thank god for Sharpies!!

 My music girl! Music makes you lose control  only five hours of work and it’s done.

 Legendary Super Saiyan Broly from Dragon Ball Z trilogy movies. Extremely powerful and insane character. My version of Broly, work in progress. All in sharpie…sometimes sharpies are muddy with this drawing especially. I’m glad it’s not finished and going into Photoshop. Fan art!

This is my version of the legendary super saiyan Broly from Dragon Ball Z. I made a little GIF animation of him to really bring this illustration to life

Random Sharpie Doodles

I love working with sharpies and the vibrant color they bring!
A doodle I did at work with paisleys! Flower paisley, acorn octopus paisley, shooting star eye paisley, snake eye paisley, and last but not least…blooming skull paisley! 

 Sharpie Doodle: Blue dragon with skulls and flowers.

A doodle I did at's very random but I love it! The flower is cut off from the get go...not enough paper unfortunately. 

Random splatter sharpie doodle with flowers and face.


I've taken a class that teaches watercolor painting, it's not my favorite style of painting but, have learned a lot from watercolor and its properties.
 A watercolor rose on handmade paper.

 Bruce Lee watercolor on handmade paper. Bruce Lee is a teacher and as passionate about his techniques as an artist is with painting.

This is my version of the sign Pisces done in watercolor.  

 My first attempt in five years to do watercolor...watercolor is still my least favorite medium to use. But I think it turned out pretty well after a while of not using the medium. Oh...and my new logo!!

 Watercolor illustration of my version of Aquarius head shot. Still trying to get used to watercolor…still is my least favorite medium to work with…but i think this turned out pretty well. 

 This is my version of Taurus done in watercolor. 

This is my version of Virgo done in watercolor. 

Painted a sunset spot illustration for a thank you notes. Painted in watercolor.

Fan Art Doodles!

These are sharpie fan art doodles from Adventure Time and Soul Eater.
 My version of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time! I created this little doodle with sharpies. Finn the human is the last of his kind because an apocalypse happened and founded by Jake’s family as a baby.
 I have often wondered what Finn was short for or if Finn was just it...Adventure Time fan art!! Sharpie art.
 I love love LOVE Adventure Time!! This is Princess Bubblegum sitting on a bar of chocolate. All done with sharpie. My version of course!

My version of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, fan art sharpie art. I want to develop my anime style with these doodles.

Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure time fan art and sharpie art. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have dated before in the comics, but did not mention this on the TV show because the network is for a younger audience. 
My version of Soul and Maka from Soul Eater sharpie doodle. Soul Eater arguably has the most dynamic character profiles of any manga series produced, in my opinion and that I've ever seen…and it’s hilarious!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jayden Lee: The Child

Original Character Design and Concept: 
Age: 4
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 3’ 5”
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Dark blue.
He is the child of Keita. Upon Keita’s death, all of the demon manifestation growing inside of him, disintegrated as the spirit world was restored to its natural order when Keita sacrificed herself to save the spirit world and the regular universe. Being that Jayden is an anomaly of three universes, he’s extremely powerful and can be the deciding fate of three different dimensions. Jayden has so much power, he can wield every atom of each universe to possibly destroy them, in other words, he is a force of molecular immensity. Jayden can turn sand into water just by adding protons, subtracting neutrons and adding electrons spontaneously. Jayden’s power is so immense that he is being fought over by the forces of good and the forces of evil, Niome as the good and Kihaku as the evil, to manipulate the child to do evil deeds or good endeavors. 
Jayden is still a small child and doesn’t realize his great powers. He is playful and joyful much like a child, sweet and mild mannered like his mother. 
Powers— Can control every molecule of three universes; three different dimensions. Much like a celestial God. 

Kihaku Lang: The Manipulator

Original Character Design and Concept: 
Age: 21
Birthday: Amethyst 
Height: 5’ 11” 
Hair color: Black and white 
Eye color: Emerald 
Older brother to Niome. His home planet was Earth but sought independence on the artificial, man-made planet of Earth-B where he made friends with a radical conspirator named Timber who planned to dispose of the planet entirely because of its discrimination. Kihaku went with it thinking it as a game to accomplish. However, they failed miserably. Kihaku, Timber and one-hundred other radicals came up with the plan to escape the wretched planet aided by Kihaku and his new found apprentice, Sora. Together they all escaped with little casualties. Kihaku and Sora stayed together but Timber sought refuge on another planet. And thus, they went their separate ways. 
Kihaku is very handsome and alluring just as Niome is beautiful. He is prince of the purities and vows to marry princess of the demons, Keita. He’s charming on the outside but has a very evil and manipulative disposition.
Powers—Can be able to wield the power of light and the power of darkness. Unlike his sister, he trains for the power of darkness which consists of the blackest fire or black hole. Individuals training to wield this energy, must have dark intentions, seeking revenge, a hunger for power and a fear of death. These individuals appearance change dramatically as they continue to take in negative energy.